Free Assisted Living Referral Service for Loved Ones


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Welcome to A Better Choice Elder Care
We are a free service that helps families find assisted living for their loved ones. This includes Alzheimer’s care, independent living communities and nursing homes. In today’s busy world it can be a daunting task to find the right assisted living residence for a parent or loved one. As the population in the United States begins to get older there is a growing need for assisted living communities. As that need grows there are more and more assisted living residences springing up, but consider the following important questions.

Will they provide your loved one with the level of care he/she may require?
Are they clean?
And what do they cost?
Are they close to where you live?

All of these are excellent questions. If you were to try to find the answers to these questions yourself it would require days if not weeks of research, telephone calls and travel.

At A Better Choice Elder Care, we have the answers to these questions. We have already done all of the work required to answer these questions for you and help you find the appropriate residence for your loved one.

We are a free referral service and we are  dedicated to the complete satisfaction of the people we serve. Contact us now and one of our Elder Care Advisers will walk you through every step of this important decision completely free of charge. That’s why we truly are A Better Choice.